Outney Common, or Bungay Common as it is also known, is an outstandingly beautiful area within the loop of the River Waveney to Bungay’s north. Comprising some 400 acres it is naturally divided into The Lows, about half the area, of low lying grazing land bordering the River Waveney to the east, and The Hards, the higher ground in the centre which contains an 18 hole Golf Course, and an area designated Right to Roam and which borders the river to the west.

Picture credit; Andrew Atterwill

Historically the land was divided into around 300 ‘goings’, which gave a goings owner the right to graze livestock. These have long since been sold away from the properties to which they were attached and are now owned by a collective of various Bungay organisations and individuals, including the Town Council and Town Trust, who together form the Common Owners and who manage the land.

The Common is a wonderful place for walking, watching wildlife, spotting wildflfowers and even swimming in the clear waters of the Waveney. Why not hire a canoe from the adjacent caravan park, Outney Meadow. for a paddle along the Waveney which runs all around the Common?

Crossing the river (over a very quaint little bridge) from the lows side leads to a splendid walk along Bath Hills which affords views across the whole Common, looking south. There were Roman Vineyards on the slopes and in Georgian times it was possible to take a cold spring bath at Bath House (now a private residence), making Bungay a spa town. This walk will eventually lead to Earsham Hall, to the north of Earsham, Bungay’s neighbouring village.

The Cold Bath House from Outney Common. Pic: Andrew Atterwill

Download this map (courtesy of The Earsham Street Cafe) to explore the Common and the Bigod Way more thoroughly.

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