Trader Application

Applications are now open for  the Food & Drink market on Sunday 23rd October.

Please tick the appropriate box and complete the form.  This market will feature food & drink and all things kitchen so please do not apply if you don’t sell anything related to food & drink.  If you are a street food seller, please indicate whether you have a food truck or gazebo and if a food truck if it opens from the back or the side.  If from the side – which side, so we can ensure you are pointing the right way when we make the pitch allocations).

We are also going to sell ‘tasting tickets’ for this market to enable visitors to sample a wide variety of foods.  Please indicate whether you will be offering tasting dishes.  Traders who are part of the tasting ticket scheme will receive a proportionate share of the proceeds from the ticket sales.

NEW FOR 22: We are transitioning to our markets becoming completely plastic free, so please try to minimise the amount of plastic you bring on to the street. Now is the time to make the switch!


Important information for food sellers:

Natasha’s Law requires full labelling of ingredients on all prepacked food.
All food presented to consumers face to face, in packaging, before they select or order it, and which is packed on the same premises from which it is offered (including a mobile site if packed by the same business) is caught by the new allergen labelling law relating to pre-packed for direct sale food. For example, bakery products which are packed at the food businesses’ premises and then sold from the premises, on a mobile sandwich van or at a food fayre.
The food must be labelled with the name of the food and a list of ingredients, with any of the 14 main allergens emphasised if these are present in the food.
The Food Standards Agency has produced a useful toolkit in relation to the new law:… Within the toolkit are links to specialist guides, for example for bakers, butchers and farm shops etc.
The Food Standards Agency also provides free allergens training and resources, which can be found here:…/allergy-training-for-food…
Business companion has also produced the following helpful guidance:…/prepacked-for…
The Chartered Trading Standards Institute has also produced a food allergen resource, including information on the new allergen labelling law for pre-packed for direct sale food:…/food-allergen-resource
If you have any queries regarding the new law or would like a visit to receive tailored advice and guidance relevant to your business and product range, please contact us via Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133.

    Food & Drink Market Sunday 23rd October, 2022Christmas Market (Sunday 4th December 2022)Garden Market (Sunday 14th May, 2023)

    Please indicate your preferred pitch zone (3m x 3m).

    Please indicate your preferred pitch zone (3m x 3m).

    (please note: it can be windy – make sure your gazebo is up to the job!)


    Street Market Terms & Conditions

    All traders must arrive and depart the market in accordance with instructions sent prior to the market.

    We understand that it can be frustrating trying to get your vehicle to your pitch and away again when there are so many vehicles on the street at set up and closing times.  Please be patient.

    Whilst traders’ preferences as far as pitch allocation are taken into account that cannot always be met.  Your pitch no will be sent to you before the market. If you have issue with this you must take it up before the market – not on the day.

    Occasionally a car is left on the street, rendering that pitch unusable.  The trader allocated that pitch will be moved to one of the very few ‘spares’ on the street.

    Whilst the market organizer has Public Liability Insurance, this does not cover individual traders who must ensure they have the appropriate licenses to trade and their own PLI.  Any damage caused to other vehicles, buildings or any other structure on the street will have to be covered by traders’ own insurance.

    Any trader using any kind of power (eg for cooking) must have the appropriate fire extinguishers on their stall and the appropriate safety check certificates in place.

    Please do not abuse the market organisers or stewards – rudeness will not be tolerated and any traders doing this in the past have not been invited back.  We run friendly, cooperative markets.

    We are transitioning towards being completely plastic free.  Please do all you can to ensure that eating materials/packaging etc. is as plastic free as you can.

    Please be aware that we have no control over the weather and all bookings are at traders’ own risk. Refunds are not given for extremely bad weather.

    We understand that things happen and you cannot always attend a market having booked and paid.  We will attempt to reallocate your pitch and refund your pitch fee but please be aware that no pitch fees can be refunded within 2 weeks of the market date.

    Some markets are in very high demand.  You are in danger of losing your pitch if your pitch fee is not paid promptly when asked.

    There is an ATM just round the corner outside the Council office in Broad Street.

    The public loos are at Cross Street (the other side of the Butter Cross) and at Priory Lane (through the Castle Inn yard, past the castle and follow the road round to the car park).

    We wish you a very successful and enjoyable market!