Butter Cross Market

The Butter Cross at the Market Place in the centre of town is home to the market held each Thursday from 9am. This market dates from the 14th Century when Richard II gave permission for the weekly market to be held here on Thursdays.

The Butter Cross area is owned by the Town Trust who give the following history of the market:

Originally, the market centre consisted of trader’s stalls clustered around a central stone cross, but by Tudor times, many of the traders had started to build permanent shops and dwellings around the market area, and the cross was replaced with a roofed building to provide shelter in bad weather.

In 1688, much of Bungay was destroyed or damaged by the Great Fire. The Market Cross was one of the first buildings to be replaced in order to re-establish trade as quickly as possible. Wooden steps inside the domed structure were provided where traders could sit and display their produce of butter, eggs, and cheeses, so it became known as the Butter Cross.

In 1754 a lead statue of Justice was placed on the top of the dome, as a symbol not only of fair trade in the market, but also because criminals awaiting court trials were temporarily imprisoned in a dungeon beneath the Cross, or in a cage above it. Other miscreants were put in the stocks on market day or received a public flogging. The wrist irons to which they were attached can still be seen on one of the pillars.

In 1871, the Town Reeve and Feoffees decided to purchase the rights and dues of the market from the Duke of Norfolk. They paid the sum of £40 for the privilege, and the Town Trust has managed the markets, and paid for the maintenance and repair of the Butter Cross ever since.

The Market adds bustle and colour to the street scene on Thursdays, and long may this ancient tradition continue.

Country Market

Also on a Thursday morning, 9:15am – 11:00am, is the weekly Country Market. This is held in the Community Centre, less than 5 minutes walk from the town centre (there is also a car park here for Community Centre users).

Here local growers and producers can sell their homemade cakes and savouries, preserves, cut flowers and plants, seasonal fruit and vegetables, and fresh local meat as well as handicrafts.

Very popular with local folk, the Country Market is the place to go for a real taste of Bungay.