The famous Black Dog of Bungay is hardly news – the devilish hell-hound has been around since 1577, and we see his likeness all around town.

But at the Fisher Theatre, on Tuesday 26th May the great and the good of Bungay assembled in the Fisher Theatre to hear a presentation from esteemed artist Stuart Pearson Wright about two new ideas for Bungay.

Following a suitably gruesome rendition of the story of when the Black Dog visited St. Mary’s Church on that terrible night of 4th August, 1577, Mr. Pearson Wright went on to outline his first Big Idea and that is for a statue, the more terrifying the better, to be erected in Bungay to tell the world – this is OUR Black Dog (or Black Shuck – the debate is yet to be had)!.  The statue will be big – larger than a dog, probably smaller than a cow – and erected in all its magnificence somewhere in the town centre (again – the debate is yet to be had).  The statue will be made in clay before being cast in bronze and Mr. Pearson Wright will not charge a fee for making the statue.  But the costs will be considerable – that debate is also still to be had, although the wonderful Fen Farm Dairy have pledged to meet a quarter of the costs.

The second Big Idea is for Bungay to hold a regular Black Dog (or Shuck?) Festival.  Here imaginations went wild and I suspect some in the audience were already planning their shaggy dog outfits.  William Drew-Batty already has a Black Dog opera ready to go…

We also heard from Jonny Crickmore at Fen Farm, Bungay born and bred, and a great champion of the Ideas. Luke Wright performed a suitable gruesome poem and promised the assembled that he will be composing a scary ballad to go around the Black Dog plinth.  The tone for the evening was set by William Fergusson performing virtuosically, as he always does, in a monstrous Black Dog (or wolf?) mask.