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Bungay, Suffolk

Bungay Town Recorder - Andrew Atterwill


Andrew Atterwill, Town RecorderAndrew has lived all of his life in Bungay and at a very early age showed an interest in cameras and films encouraged by his mother's side of the family.

As he grew older, he also became fascinated with nature and wildlife and with that he always had opportunities to take photos. Not only did he take them but composed the picture in his mind rather than just taking a photo.

The late Mr Jim Jervis who was at one time Andy's teacher recognised his talent and invited Andy to take photos at the opening of "Dinky's Garden" which was made in memory of Mrs Dinky Payne MBE, a champion fundraiser throughout her life. This was the turning point for Andy and as Jim was chairman of the tourism committee, he called on Andy to take any photos required either for leaflets, or publicity. And there are extraordinary shots as you can see in the photo gallery and on this page.

Bungay CastleFor many years, Mr Frank Honeywood was the Town Recorder. His collection of photos are now in the Bungay Museum and they run into thousands, capturing life and changes occuring in Bungay, sometimes in incredibly awkward positions to get the shot he wanted.

He has also illustrated and written books on Bungay through the ages.

Following Mr Honeywood's retirement, the role fell for a short while on to Mr Albert Thwaites of Bungay Camera Club until his untimely death in April 2011.

When Andrew was appointed Town Recorder it was with great pride that he accepted and he said that he felt it an honour to be of service to the town and to follow in the footsteps of Frank Honeywood

He is hoping that both the Town Council members and indeed residents will contact him if anything is about to be changed so that both "the old" and "the new" can be recorded. For example if a former public house changes to a residential property.

Andy loves wildlife and nature (and it seems they love him too)Andrew works at the former Otter Trust in Earsham. There are many animals there that have been hand-reared and cannot go back to the wild for various reasons so Andy undertakes looking after them and general maintenance of the grounds. This work again provides so many opportunities from photographs of the resident deer, the birds, flowers and the changing seasons.

To the budding photographer Andrew recommends first and foremost:

1) Look through your view finder.
2) Can you take a better picture from a different angle ?
3) Do not just pick up the camera and click but compose the picture in your mind and then change position until you get that final shot
4) You do not need expensive cameras to take a good photo - it is the person behind the camera that controls the shots !!

Andrew can be contacted by email at andrew.atterwill@btinternet.com

or on Facebook www.facebook.com/andrew.atterwill

All images are © to Andrew Atterwill - please do not use without consent.

A selection of andy's photos



St Mary's

Forget me not

River Waveney