Bungay - The Surrounding Area

The Ilketshalls, The South Elmhams, Mettingham, Earsham, Ditchingham, Broome, Ellingham

The Ilketshalls

Named after the 'hall of Alfkethill'. Some of the points of interest include;

  • St John - the beautiful church is well worth a visit, the ancient graveyard being a haven for wildlife
  • St. Andrew - five commons and the round tower of the church
  • St Lawrence - rectangular enclosure of the church was once a supply camp for the nearby Roman road, Stone Street (from Dunwich to Caistor)
  • St Margaret - round tower church with an unusual painted chancel roof
  • Mettingham - church with Norman and Saxon features and a ruined castle
  • Flixton - home of the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum and a church with a rare saddleback tower

The South Elmhams

The name is derived from Almar, a Saxon bishop. Some of the points of interest include;

  • Homersfield - a picturesque village with thatched cottages
  • St Margaret - the church here has a square tower and there are stocks in the porch
  • St Cross - home of the Old Minster, reputedly erected by St Felix who brought Christianity to this part of East Anglia. For more information take a look at Bateman's Barn
  • All Saints - take a look at the carefully restored Round Tower Church
  • St James - the church here was restored after war damage and is noted for it's beautifully carved modern woodwork, the results of a village class


'The station of the army', site of a Roman encampment with several points of interest including

  • Earsham Hall, a beautiful mansion now a centre for pine furniture
  • Earsham Mill, still standing on the same site since 1066
  • Earsham church, built in the 14th century with a distinctive wooden spire


A fine walk, part of the Bigod Way takes in the beauty of Bath Hills from where the home of the author Sir Rider Haggard can be seen. Also the home of All Hallows Anglican Community, hospital and boarding school.


St Michael's Church stands alone amidst fields and dates back to the early 14th century.
The heath contains two ancient barrows and the old gravel pit has been transformed into a well used fishing lake.


This small village lies on the River Waveney, from which power was once derived for the picuresque mill. Nearby is the 12th century church with a much admired wall painting.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Bungay

Flixton Aviation Museum
Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton

Bath Hills
Church Tower from Bath Hills

Bath Hills
Countryside surrounding Bungay